Phytosanitary Certificate for Re-export EX25

​​​​Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, June 2017

The Australian Re-export Phytosanitary certificate is issued in accordance with internationally accepted templates.

Re-export  Phytosanitary certificates are issued for prescribed goods re-exported from Australia if Phytosanitary certification is required by an importing country authority and:

  • The goods are accompanied by a Phytosanitary certificate issued by the country of origin and complying with the requirements of a foreign country authority
  • The identity of the goods can be established
  • The consignment has not been exposed to infestation while in Australia.

The final certificate presented for issuance by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources must remain consistent with this published template.

Re-export certificates must not be issued for products rejected under the Biosecurity Act 2015 for entry into Australia unless the products meet the requirements of the importing country.

If imported goods in transit or in bond through Australian ports en route to other destinations have not been formally cleared as imports into Australia, they will not be issued with a re-export Phytosanitary certificate.

If imported goods are subsequently exported as part of a larger consignment containing Australian prescribed goods, the goods may be covered under the general Phytosanitary certificate issued for the consignment, provided that:

  • any additional declarations required by an importing country authority can be satisfied by product inspection
  • the certificate indicates that the consignment is a product of Australia and the other country

If the additional declaration requires endorsements relating to growing conditions or treatments in the original exporting country, certification must not be provided and recourse must be had to the full re-export requirements of the IPPC.

If imported goods not accompanied by a Phytosanitary certificate are to be exported, a re-export Phytosanitary
certificate must be issued for the goods provided that:

  • a reference to the Phytosanitary certificate of the country of origin is deleted from the re-export Phytosanitary certificate
  • the words 'Phytosanitary Certificate from the Country of Origin not Available' are appended to the certifying statement
  • an exporter declares the country of origin of the goods
  • no additional declaration is given which cannot be verified by an authorised officer.

When completing the Phytosanitary certificate template:

  • do not use the 'enter' key
  • use the 'tab' key to move between fields
  • if insufficient space in either the product details area or the Additional Declaration area, a second page maybe attached. Any attached page to the Phytosanitary certificate MUST BE completed in accordance with the information provided in the "Guidelines fo​r the Completion of Phytosanitary Certificates"
  • the Re-export Phytosanitary certificate template must not flow onto a second page.


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