Export Clearance Declaration EX222

​Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, May 2013

​​​The Export Clearance Declaration (EX222) is issued in accordance with Export Control Act 1982, Part II, Section 6.

An Export Clearance Declaration is issued for prescribed goods being exported from Australia for which an Export Permit must be issued by a DAFF authorised officer prior to the consignment being loaded on the intended vessel for export and where the inspection of the consignment has been undertaken by an Approved Inspector at a company who have an Approved Arrangement with DAFF.

An export permit is valid for 28 days after it is issued.
The person named as the exporter of prescribed goods in an application for an export permit for the goods is
responsible for ensuring that, until the goods are exported, they continue to comply with any condition or restriction:

  • that is specified in an Export Control Order; and
  • that must be satisfied before the goods are exported.

When completing the Export Clearance Declaration template:

  • do not use the ‘enter’ key
  • use the ‘tab’ key to move between fields
  • if insufficient space in the product details area, a second page maybe attached.
  • the Export Clearance Declaration template must not flow onto a second page.


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Export Clearance Declaration EX222 

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