Phytosanitary Certificate E16

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, June 2017

The Australian Phytosanitary certificate is issued in accordance with internationally accepted templates and is used to certify that the Australian plants or plant products have been inspected according to appropriate procedures, and they are considered to be free from quarantine pests, practically free from other injurious pests, and conform with the current phytosanitary regulations of the importing country.

The final certificate presented for issuance by the department must remain consistent with this published template.

When completing the Phytosanitary certificate template:

  • do not use the ‘enter’ key
  • use the ‘tab’ key to move between fields
  • if insufficient space in either the product details area or the Additional Declaration area, a second page maybe attached. Any attached page to the Phytosanitary certificate MUST BE completed in accordance with the information provided in the “Guidelines for the Completion of Phytosanitary Certificates”
  • the Phytosanitary certificate template must not flow onto a second page.


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