Checklist: do my staff need on-the-job training?

​​Authorised Officer Information Pack for Companies

The checklist below will help you determine whether the AO candidate needs on–the–job training. On–the–job training is provided once the AO candidate has completed their eLearning modules and will support and enhance their learning prior to undertaking the practical AO assessments.

You may need to organise to meet with your staff to discuss the following questions in person. Please circle either Yes or No to the questions:

  1. Did the candidate struggle to complete the e–learning?   Yes   No

  2. Are they fully aware of all aspects of the job functions they are applying for? (See candidate advice)   Yes   No

  3. Are they confident they will be able to competently complete all the job functions they are applying for?   Yes   No

  4. Do they regularly undertake the job functions they are applying for?   Yes   No

  5. Are they applying for additional job functions to those they regularly perform?   Yes   No

If you answered No to questions 2–4 or Yes to questions 1 and/or 5, it is strongly recommended your staff complete on–the–job training. To start the process, please contact the AO​ Administrator.

Please note: Your staff are the ones who must decide whether they need on–the–job training. It is their responsibility to ensure they are fully competent in the job functions they wish to perform before participating in the formal assessment. If you feel they may need on–the–job training, you are advised to recommend this to them.

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