The Authorised Officer (AO) Company Information Pack

This pack includes information on Authorised Officers (AO) and useful tools to help your company progress to the new AO model.

What are the costs involved with becoming an AO?

Charges do apply to becom​​e appointed as an AO. All costs must be settled prior to the AO candidates' appointment being granted. Invoices will be addressed to the AO candidate. M​ore information on the fees and charges is available on ​Plant exports: authorised officers cost recovery redesign​.​

How will I benefit?

By adopting the AO model your company could benefit from:

  • flexible, responsive systems that support industry's operating hours
  • national standards to improve inspection consistency
  • amended orders and schedules to remove prescriptive elements and become outcomes focused
  • quicker integration and adoption of alternative inspections technologies and techniques.

What are the AO candidate's responsibilities?

The pack emphasises that it is the individual AO candidate's responsibility to take the necessary steps towards achieving their appointment as AO. The company can only give support when needed by the candidate. The AO cand​​idate must therefore:

  • initiate the application process
  • undergo eLearning
  • decide whether or not to partake in facilitated training
  • decide when they are ready for assessment.

How can I support my AO Candidate through the process?

As a company, you will not be directly involved in the AO process, however you can support your AO through the learning and assessment phases of the AO process by:

  • providing your AO with access to a computer with an internet connection so that they can complete their eLearning modules
  • allowing your AO to have time to complete the eLearning modules during working hours
  • allow your AO candidate to have time from work to attend facilitated training.
  • make sure your AO candidate is ready for assessment and does not feel pressured to be assessed when they are not yet confident​