Exporting organic and bio-dynamic produce

​​​​​​Only products that have been certified as organic and bio-dynamic, in accordance with the requirements specified in

National standard for organic and bio-dynamic produce by an approved certifying organisation can be exported as organic or bio-dynamic produce.

Some products certified as organic in Australia do not meet the requirements of the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce; therefore it is essential that the certification is provided by one of the bodies listed by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources​ as an approved certifying organisation. Evidence of certification must specifically indicate compliance to the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce.

Frequently asked questions

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How do I export organic products?

You must:

  • Be able to verify that the product has been certified as organic and bio-dynamic by an approved certifying organisation, in accordance with export requirements
  • Obtain an Organic Produce Certificate issued by an approved certifying organisation.

How do I know if the product has been certified by and approved certifying organisation?

The supplier of the organic and bio-dynamic produce must be able to provide you with a Certificate of Compliance, from the approved certifying organisation, which indicates that the produce has been prepared and/or handled in accordance with the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce.

You can confirm the certifying organisation is approved by the department by checking the list of approved certifying organisations.

What is an Organic Produce Certificate?

An approved certifying organisation may provide export certification, by the issue of an Organic Produce Certificate, on behalf of the department, for organic and bio-dynamic produce exported from Australia. This certification provides assurance to the importing country that the product has been produced in accordance with the requirements of export legislation and importing countries.

Organic and bio-dynamic products being exported must have an Organic Produce Certificate (OPC) with each shipment. This certificate is issued and approved by one of the approved certifying organisations.

There are three different export certificates that may be issued by the certifying organisations. The required form will depend on the importing country.

What are the requirements for completing an organic produce certificate?

An organic produce certificate must be issued by the approved certifying organisation prior to the product leaving Australia.

The guidelines for the issue of organic produce certificates will provide you with additional information about the completion of these certificates.

What if I already have export documentation for the product under different export legislation?

If the product is also prescribed under other export legislation such as meat, dairy, fish, egg, horticulture or grain products, then it must also comply with both the Organic Orders and other appropriate export legislation.

This also means that you will need to provide export documentation under each appropriate export legislation, e.g. If you are exporting an organic dairy product you will require dairy export certification and health certificates as well as an Organic Produce Certificate.