Improving access to premium markets for organic products

​​As affluence in international markets rises, so does demand for premium products like organics. Access to premium markets is one of the most important ways we can grow our agricultural industries. This project is actioning the vision of the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper.

The department and industry have developed an action plan aims to improve access to premium markets for organics.  The action plan is composed of three elements:

  • creating a national voice for the organic sector
  • reviewing the regulations and standards that underpin exports
  • developing an organics market access strategy

Get involved and share your ideas on how we can improve access to premium markets for organic products.

Current engagement

Creating a unified national voice for organic agriculture is an important part of improving international market access.

The industry appointed consultancy firm Policy Partners to propose a roadmap to achieve this.

You can now comment on the roadmap consultation paper through Organic Industries’ website (this is external to the department’s website).

Upcoming engagement

We will soon be seeking feedback from the public on changing the current approach to regulation and standards for the export of organic products.

Consultation is expected to commence in December 2017 and will run until late February 2018.

This is being done as part of the review of the Export Control Orders (Organic Produce Certification) Orders (Organic Orders), which the department has engaged Deloitte to prepare. Deloitte will use the information gathered through the public consultation to inform its assessment of the impact of different regulatory options.

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  • make an online submission that will inform the review

Completed engagement activities

During September–December 2016 we led a process of preliminary discussions with the organic industry to test the interest in working together to increase the competitiveness of the Australian organics sector.

These initial discussions led to:

  • workshops at the Australian Parliament House (on 8 December 2016 and 30 January 2017)
  • release of a discussion paper, Accessing Premium Markets: Australian Organics, for public comment
  • formation of the independent working group  with an independent chair, Mr Greg McNamara, appointed by the then Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources in February 2017 to develop the action plan
  • discussions with the independent working group steering committee on 9 June 2017 and 2 November 2017 to finalise the action plan.


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