May 2012

​Newsletter: Number 2/12

1. EUCAS Rules

The access of Australian beef to the valuable European market depends on the integrity of the scheme and all those who participate. Any activity which contravenes the rules could have disastrous repercussions. Please make yourself conversant with the EUCAS rules. These rules are underpinned by Commonwealth legislation and failure to adhere to them can result in revocation of accreditation.

A copy of the rules can be found on the DAFF website or please call the EUCAS helpdesk; we will be happy to send you a copy by mail.

2. Transferring EU cattle in the NLIS Database

It is the responsibility of the receiving PIC to transfer animals on the database. However, as manager of an accredited property the accuracy of your NLIS account is ultimately your responsibility; so even if you are the despatching party please check after the event to ensure the transaction has been correctly recorded. If you do not have access to an electronic version of the database please call the NLIS helpline with your PIC number on 1800 654 743, staff there will be happy to assist you.

All movements of cattle on and off a property including deceased animals must be recorded in the NLIS database.

A significant number of warning messages are generated because Vendor Declaration numbers are incorrectly quoted or not quoted at all on transfers of EU cattle in the NLIS database. The database instructions indicate a number is not mandatory; however every EU transfer MUST be accompanied by a correctly quoted Vendor Declaration number.

It is a time consuming process for both the producer and the EUCAS helpdesk to re-instate the EU status which will be lost as a result of an incorrect or missing number.

3. Annual Reconciliation

It is a requirement of accreditation under the scheme that the manager of an accredited property conduct an annual reconciliation of the devices on the property with those registered on the database. This may be achieved by scanning devices at annual muster or on an ongoing basis, at times convenient to usual management practices; - i.e. when moving stock, at weaning or when accounting for deaths etc. Records must be kept on site for audit.

4. Lime Green Tail Tags (LGTT’s)

Producers continue to contact the Helpdesk to ask if LGTT’s are still required. Legislation is being amended to remove the requirement and we expect tail tags to be dispensed with before the end of this year. At this stage they are still required so if you need them, consider purchasing only enough for your immediate requirements.

5. Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on one of the addresses or number below should we be able to assist you with anything in relation to the scheme. To assist us provide you with our most efficient service don’t forget to update your contact details especially email address.

EUCAS Helpline: 1800 305 544 Open: 8am-4pm Monday to Friday
Fax: 02 6272 5442
Post: EUCAS, GPO Box 858, Canberra 2601
NLIS Support Desk: 1800 654 743
To order EUVDs or NVDs: 1800 683 111

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