January 2017

​Annual reconciliation

In order to comply with EUCAS rules a PIC reconciliation is required to be conducted at least once a year. You are not required to notify the EUCAS team each time you complete a PIC reconciliation, unless you are specifically requested to do so. W e may verify completion of a PIC reconciliation through the NLIS database.

A PIC reconciliation is similar to a property stocktake and will identify any discrepancies between the total number of livestock and unused tags on the property and the number of electronic devices registered to that PIC on the NLIS database. A PIC reconciliation can be achieved by scanning or recording devices at an annual muster, or on an ongoing basis at times convenient to usual management practices such as when you are moving stock, at weaning or when accounting for deaths.

One of the audit requirements is that a PIC reconciliation has been conducted within the last 12 months. Auditing of EUCAS accredited properties may be conducted at any time. Our records indicate the majority of audits conducted by AUS-MEAT where Corrective Actions Requests (CARs) have been issued, are due to no PIC reconciliation being conducted within the last 12 months. These CARs could potentially lead to a failed audit and the loss of EUCAS accreditation.

To assist you with your PIC Reconciliation a NLIS Tech Tip document can be found in Help Tools on the NLIS webpage or you can contact NLIS on 1800 654 743. A copy of this tip sheet has also been sent to you with this newsletter.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

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