Legislative appeal mechanisms

​​​​If an exporter, registered premises operator or Australian Government Accredited Veterinarian is not satisfied with a decision that the department ​has made, they may contact the department to discuss the decision.

Administrative Appeals​ Tribunal

If the outcome of the discussion about the decision is unsatisfactory to the person who requested it, some decisions are subject to internal reconsideration, or subject to merits review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. These decisions are set out in the table below.

Livestock licensing decisions made under the Australian Meat and Live-Stock Industry Act 1997
Description of decisionReview
Internal reconsideration Admini​strative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) review
Grant of a licence (section 10)Not availableAvailable in relation to a refusal to grant a licence (section 14)
Giving a written direction to be complied with by licence holder (section 17)Available (section 20)
Granting an extension of time in which a person can apply for renewal of an export licence (subsection 22(2))Available (subsection 22(9))
Decision to suspend a licence in a show cause notice (section 23)Available (subsection 23(8))
Decision to cancel, suspend or further suspend a licence or reprimand a licence holder following the show cause process (subsection 24(1))Available (subsection 24(4))
Decisions made under the Export Control (Animals) Order 2004
Description of decisionReview
Internal reconsideration Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) review
Various decisions in relation to the registration of premises or the renewal, variation or cancellation of registration of premises (Division 2.2)Available. See Part 16 of the PGG Order for time limits and other details.Available
Decisions whether to approve notices of intention (NOIs) and consignment risk management plans (CRMPs) under section 2.44 or 3.07 of the Animals Order, including whether to impose conditions
Decision that a consignment be accompanied by an accredited veterinarian (section 2.48)
Decision to accredit a veterinarian and to vary, suspend, place conditions on, revoke or reinstate accreditation (sections 4A.07, 4A.09, 4A.10 and 4A.13)

Judicial review

A person who is unsatisfied with the department's decision may apply for judicial review of that decision under the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977 or the Judiciary Act 1903​.

Ombudsman investigation

A complainant may request the Commonwealth Ombudsman to investigate a complaint about the department's administrative actions.