Acts, regulations, orders and standards

​​​​​The Act and Regulations that relate to the issue of a livestock export licence, and Orders that relate to specific export desti​nations are:

The Act and Orders that relate to the preparation of livestock for export by sea and air are:

Three declarations made under section 7.03 and section 7.04 of the Export Control Animals Order 2004 relate to countries to which ESCAS applies. 

The Orders that relate to standards for the export of livestock are:

The standards are the Australian standards for the export of livestock (version 2.3) (ASEL).

ASEL sets out standards for the sourcing of export livestock, their management in registered premises, loading onto a vessel, management onboard a vessel and air transport.

The reform of the live animal export industry was based on the findings of the Independent Review of Australia’s Live Export Trade by Bill Farmer and the two Industry Government Working Group reports on live cattle and live sheep and goat exports.