First Point of Entry Biosecurity Standards

​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources manages the biosecurity risks posed by the arrival of international vessels, people and goods by regulating where vessels can moor or aircraft land when they enter Australia.  These ports or landing places are known as first points of entry.

We are developing new standards to provide greater clarity on the requirements operators at first points of entry must meet under biosecurity legislation.

The standards will:

  • set out what operators need to do to gain or maintain first point of entry status
  • replace current transitional arrangements for first points of entry that expire in June 2019.

What’s changing?

When the Biosecurity Act commenced in June 2016, existing ports and landing places were issued temporary determinations to allow them to continue to operate as first points of entry.   These determinations expire in June 2019.

Operators at first points of entry who wish to maintain their status and continue regular international operations beyond June 2019 must demonstrate that they can meet the new standards.

The standards will ensure operators have the procedures and infrastructure in place to:

  • manage the biosecurity risks associated with arriving vessels or aircraft, their passengers and cargo
  • respond to and report biosecurity incidents or incursions
  • manage waste appropriately
  • support biosecurity officers to safely and effectively assess, inspect and treat goods under biosecurity control
  • manage the environment around the port of entry to reduce its receptivity to pests and diseases of biosecurity concern.

Feedback on proposed new standards

Public consultation on the draft standards has now closed. Consideration is currently being given to submissions received, and final Standards for ports and landing places will be published on this website prior to June 2017.

For your information, the draft standards can be downloaded from the below links.

Queries relating to the new First Point of Entry legislation can be sent to Biosecurity First Points.


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