Our approach to compliance

​​​​​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources promotes a shared responsibility – with stakeholders, clients, state and territory governments and the public – to manage the biosecurity system.

When the new biosecurity legislation commenced on 16 June 2016, the environment in which we operate changed. The Biosecurity Act 2015 (the Act) introduced a range of new compliance and enforcement tools​, with options available to reward compliance with our biosecurity laws and to pursue those who choose not to comply.

To facilitate a smooth transition to the new legislative framework, we are adopting a specific compliance posture to guide the implementation and operation of the new legislation in its early phase.

In line with the department’s approach to optimise voluntary compliance, we will work with clients, stakeholders and the community to raise awareness of any new obligations.

The compliance posture guides staff, industry and the general public in the application of the provisions of the Act from 16 June 2016.