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​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources administers the Biosecurity Act 2015, Export Control Act 1982, Imported Food Control Act 1992 and various other Acts in order to protect Australia's animal, plant and human health status and to maintain market access for Australian food and other agricultural exports.

If you import or export goods to/from Australia or are associated with the movements of vessels or aircraft to Australia you should be aware of your responsibilities under Australian law.

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Biosecurity legislation

Important changes to Australia’s Biosecurity System came into effect on 16 June 2016 with commencement of the Biosecurity Act 2015.

The Biosecurity Act replaced the Quarantine Act 1908 and is designed to be flexible and responsive to changes in technology and future challenges.

Information is available to help clients transition to the new legislation, including a list of the primary legislation, associated acts and supporting delegated legislation is available on the Biosecurity legislation page.

Export legislation

Export Control Act 1982

Imported food legislation