Biosecurity passenger video

​​​​An announcement about biosecurity requirements must be given to all passengers on board aircraft or vessels entering Australia. Delivery of this message is a legal requirement under Australian law (section 220 of the Biosecurity Act 2015) and the content and form of information given must be approved by the Director or Biosecurity or the Director of Human Biosecurity.

The inflight passenger video is available in English, Arabic, Cantonese, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. Airlines must play the video as the mandatory passenger announcement where it is currently delivered in these languages. It is recommended that it also be installed on onboard entertainment systems for passengers’ reference.

Cruise lines should play the cruise video on their entertainment systems where possible.

In instances where air and cruise lines do not have the capacity to show the video onboard, departmental approval must be obtained for use of the existing in-language audio announcement, in order to meet the legislative requirements of the Act.

The passenger announcement is available in written and audio formats in the following languages:

  • Farsi
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Malay
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese.

The new video concept ‘Don’t be sorry–just declare it’ is the result of community research with the featured scenarios and key commodities based on data analysis and input from departmental officers. The commodities that feature in each video have been specifically selected as they align with commodities that are frequently encountered by our staff at airports and shipping terminals.

Download Passenger video (not to be edited​)

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