Australian Biosecurity Awards

​​The Australian Biosecurity Awards recognise individuals, groups and organisations in industry and government that show a commitment to working collaboratively with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to support and promote Australia's biosecurity and the systems that uphold it.

Nominations for the 2019 Australian Biosecurity Awards are now closed.

The 2019 award categories are:

  • David Banks Biosecurity Lifetime Achievement
  • Industry
  • Government
  • Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year

Eligibility and assessment criteria

David Banks Biosecurity Lifetime Achievement Award

The David Banks Biosecurity Lifetime Achievement Award recognises an individual who has made an outstanding contribution beyond their normal duties to Australian biosecurity over a sustained period of time.

To be eligible, nominees should have:

  • ten or more years of sustained contribution to Australian biosecurity
  • made a significant contribution to Australian biosecurity in the areas of research, industry achievement, professional leadership or service.

Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:

  1. History of service.
  2. Contribution to Australian biosecurity.
  3. Leadership within industry in supporting and promoting Australian biosecurity.

Industry and Government Awards

These awards recognise businesses, industry and government organisations, teams and individuals that:

  1. Design, implement and/or lead biosecurity reform initiatives within their organisation and/or industry sector to support Australia’s biosecurity integrity.
  2. Demonstrate significant biosecurity integrity and raise biosecurity awareness within their operations and/or industry sector.
  3. Collaboratively work with the department to manage biosecurity risk.
  4. Identify, report and/or lead the management of a disease outbreak or pest incursion.
  5. Report suspicious activities that may be of biosecurity concern.
  6. Make an outstanding contribution to protecting or maintaining animal or plant health.
  7. Raise awareness of Australia’s biosecurity requirements offshore.

Farm Biosecurity Producer of the Year Award

Australian primary producers, including individuals and organisations can be nominated. This comprises all forms of Australian farming, including large commercial operations, new and emerging niche industries and hobby-level farmers that:

  1. Demonstrate a sound understanding of the six biosecurity essentials of farm biosecurity:
    1. Farm inputs
    2. People, vehicles and equipment
    3. Production practices
    4. Feral animals and weeds
    5. Farm outputs
    6. Train, plan and record.
  2. Apply biosecurity practices relevant to their property/properties.
  3. Carry out biosecurity activities as best-practice preventative measures, rather than in response to specific threats.
  4. Show evidence of their biosecurity activities through planning, records, procedures etc.
  5. Advocate for proactive on-farm biosecurity practices among their peers.

Award presentation ceremony

Winners of 2019 Australian Biosecurity Awards will be announced at the ABARES Outlook 2019 Conference in Canberra.

Details of the 2018 award recipients are outlined in ABA booklet.