Community engagement

​​Australia’s north is vast and sparsely populated with a coastline over 10,000km long. The development potential of northern Australia’s agricultural industries is significant. However the expansion of agricultural enterprises and increased shipping, trade, movement of materials and people into and around northern Australia create new and growing animal, plant pest and disease risks.

A strong biosecurity system is everyone’s business and involves community, industry and government. It helps us identify and manage biosecurity threats early to keep our communities viable, our farms profitable, and to protect our way of life now and for future generations.

Cairns Aquarium

We are excited to be working in partnership with the Cairns Aquarium to highlight the importance of marine biosecurity to visitors through an innovative display.

Our exhibit consists of five 3D priority pest models—four mussels and a crab—and is accompanied by a video showing their destructive impact on marine environments.

Through this commitment we are reaching out to the expected 700,000 annual visitors to build community awareness of invasive marine pests which could harm northern Australia.

This community engagement project has been funded under the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper to help improve biosecurity surveillance and analysis.