Review of the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock

The Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) are under review.

ASEL timeline showing Consult on standards for exports by air

Technical Advisory Committee

We have appointed a Technical Advisory Committee to conduct the review.

It included an independent chair and experts in animal health and welfare, regulatory design and the livestock industry.

Air journey review

The committee has completed its review of the standards for livestock exported by air.

The final report and department’s response is expected to be released in late 2019.

Sea voyages review

The review of the standards for livestock exported by sea is complete.

During the review, the committee consulted on:

  • Proposed reformatted standards and a draft workplan
  • An issues paper and a draft reformatted standards.
  • A draft report and further working draft of the reformatted standards.

Implementation of the recommendations from the sea voyages review will be staged in consultation with industry.

Reformatted standards

The department sought feedback on the format of the ASEL from a wide range of ASEL users via a survey that ran from  8 July 2019 to 9 August 2019. The survey asked users to identify issues with the format of ASEL and suggest improvements for consideration in future ASEL formats.

The survey results helped us develop two new format options for the ASEL.

You can now provide feedback on the new ASEL format options via Have Your Say.

Submit your feedback by 27 September 2019.

Link to Have Your Say