Rural Research and Development Council

​The Rural Research and Development (R&D) Council was established in January 2009 to provide high level advice and coordination to better target and improve the effectiveness of the government’s investment in rural R&D.

The council’s term ended in December 2011, as it had fulfilled its terms of reference.

Council terms of reference were:

  • Develop a National Strategic Rural R&D Investment Plan based on an agreed list of national priorities for profitable, globally competitive, sustainable, innovative and adaptable primary industries
  • Establish a performance measurement and reporting framework against an agreed list of national priorities and key performance indicators
  • Provide advice on enhancing cross–sectoral, cross–disciplinary, cross–jurisdictional and international cooperation and collaboration
  • Provide advice on improving communication and uptake of new knowledge and technology across all rural industries and at all scales of enterprises
  • Foster innovation as integral to the culture of rural communities and industries
  • Foster the building of capacity of the rural R&D sector to ensure that Australia is prepared for challenges to global competitiveness, productivity, adaptability and sustainable development into the future, including the challenges associated with climate change
  • Advise on any matters relating to rural R&D referred to it by the Minister

Council membership

The council’s members were:

  • Dr Kate Fairley–Grenot (Chair)
  • Professor Rob Clark AM
  • Ms Cathy McGowan AO
  • Mr Mark McHenry
  • Professor Jim Pratley
  • Dr Robert Rose
  • Dr Frances Shapter
  • Mrs Anne Stünzner
  • Professor Beth Woods OAM
  • Professor Ian Chubb AC (ex–officio)