Submissions to AWI Performance Review 2018

​​​All written submissions received by EY have been published to the extent possible.

Published submissions may not meet Australian Government accessibility guidelines as they have not been prepared by the department.

Discretion of Australian Government to refuse to publish material

The Australian Government reserves the right to refuse to publish submissions, or parts of submissions, which contain offensive language, potentially defamatory material or copyright infringing material.

Document PagesFile size
AgForce Queensland PDF 611.77 MB
Alders, Robyn PDF 161 KB
Australian Council of Wool Exporters and Processors PDF 275 KB
Australian Wool Growers Association PDF5109 KB
Beath, Geoffrey PDF 154 KB
Cameron, Simon John PDF 154 KB
Dalla, Heather PDF 158 KB
Duncan, Warren PDF 157 KB
Finnigan, Susan PDF 5540 KB
Glencross, Rebecca PDF 160 KB
Gubbins, Tim PDF 157 KB
Hamblin, Donald R PDF 2102 KB
Harrison, Steven PDF 157 KB
Hawker, Virginia PDF 173 KB
Heinrich, Andrew PDF 159 KB
House, Richard PDF 157 KB
Humphries, Michelle PDF 248 KB
Inland Woolbrokers Association PDF 2119 KB
Kennedy, Robert Edward PDF 162 KB
Komor, Chris PDF 156 KB
Livestock SA PDF 4348 KB
Martin, Dianna Enid PDF 163 KB
McErvale, Rod PDF 160 KB
Morris, Rick PDF 157 KB
National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia PDF 8223 KB
National Farmers' Federation PDF 5451 KB
NSW Farmers Association PDF 17875 KB
O'Neill, Robyn PDF 158 KB
Private Treaty Wool Merchants of Australia PDF 2264 KB
Roberts, William PDF 165 KB
Rogers, Julie PDF 158 KB
Rogers, Peter PDF 157 KB
Ross, Ian A PDF 161 KB
RSPCA Australia PDF 168 KB
Sheep Producers Australia PDF 3234 KB
Smith, Norman PDF 273 KB
Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association PDF 3222 KB
Thomson, Chris PDF 159 KB
Watts, Timothy James PDF 162 KB
Wood, Andrew PDF 155 KB
WoolProducers Australia PDF 631.89 MB