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Drought community outreach activities

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Government agencies arevisiting communities across Australia affected by drought.

The goal is to make it easier for you to connect with drought support services.

Come to a community outreach event near you. Even if you’re not sure what support you can access.

Who will be there

You will be able to talk to people from local and national support networks. This includes:

  • government agencies
  • mental health service providers
  • rural and agricultural support organisations
  • charity groups.

Our services

Representatives of government agencies will be available to talk to you.

You can find out about:

  • Farm Household Allowance
  • Centrelink payments
  • Rural Financial Counselling Service
  • Tax assistance measures.

They can assess your situation and help you access support.


Find an outreach event near you.

May 2019

Murray BridgeMurray Bridge Club, 1 Murray Cods Drive, Murray Bridge7 May 20199am–11:30am
KaroondaKaroonda Football Club, Karoonda Highway, Karoonda7 May 20192:30pm–5pm
LamerooLameroo Memorial Hall, 63 Railway Terrace Street South, Lameroo8 May 20199am–11:30am
LoxtonResearch Centre, 1801 Bookpurnong Road, Loxton8 May 20192:30pm–5pm
BerriBerri Town Hall, 19 Wilson Street, Berri9 May 20199am–11:30am
BalaklavaBalaklava Sports Club, Ralli Park, Werocata Road, Balaklava14 May 20199am – 11:30am
ButeBute Town Hall, High Street, Bute14 May 20192:30pm–5pm
ClareClare Golf Club, 3 Square Mile Road, Clare15 May 20199am – 11:30am
MorganMorgan Activity Centre, 7 Third Street, Morgan16 May 20199am – 11:30am
EudundaEudunda District Hall, 25 Bruce Street, Eudunda16 May 20192:30pm–5pm
FreelingFreeling Agricultural Recreation Multi-purpose (FARM) Centre, 40 Hanson Street, Freeling17 May 20199am – 11:30am
MelroseMelrose Institute, 1 Stuart Street, Melrose21 May 20199am – 11:30am
QuornQuorn Town Hall, 1 Seventh Street, Quorn21 May 20192:30pm–5pm
OrrorooOrroroo Golf Club, 1 Second Street, Orroroo22 May 20199am – 11:30am
PeterboroughPeterborough Town Hall, 108 Main Street, Peterborough22 May 20192:30pm–5pm
JamestownJamestown Memorial Hall , 73 Ayr Street, Jamestown23 May 20199am – 11:30am
CowellFranklin Harbour Institute, 8 Main Street, Cowell27 May 20192:30pm–5pm
CleveCleve Golf Club, Golf Drive, Cleve28 May 20199am – 11:30am
KimbaKimba Soldiers Memorial Institute, Cnr High and Cross Streets, Kimba28 May 20192:30pm–5pm
WudinnaWuddina Community Club, 40 Medley Terrrace, Wuddina29 May 20199am – 11:30am
Streaky BayStreaky Bay & Districts Community Complex, 82 Wells Street, Streaky Bay30 May 20199am – 11:30am
CedunaCeduna Foreshore Hotel, 32 O'Loughlin Terrace, Ceduna30 May 20192:30pm–5pm

More support

See all drought and rural support we provide.


Hannah Wandel
Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities
Phone: 02 6274 7483 or 0439 011 739.​