Research and Development

​​​The Australian Government is committed to support research efforts into the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions through abatement technologies, strategies and innovative management practices.

The department is responsible for the management of:

  • Filling the Research Gap program — Research funding to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance sustainable agricultural practices through abatement technologies, strategies and innovative management practices.  It also includes a national survey of land management practices conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which will underpin the additionality testing and methodology development in Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI).
  • Action on the Ground program — Funding to assist industry and farming groups test and apply research outcomes in real farming situations. 
  • Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (the Alliance) — The Australian Government is engaged as a major player in climate change international efforts and actions. The Department of Agriculture oversees Australia’s commitment to the Alliance. Australia is a founding member and our continued involvement allows us to share research on a global scale that provides important flow on benefits to Australian land managers. 
  • Global Methane Initiative (GMI) — As part of the government’s international commitments, Australia is a partner country of the GMI. The Department of Agriculture supports and facilitates the international research efforts towards the reduction of methane emissions. 

In addition, the Department of Agriculture is an active partner and chair of the Clim​ate Change Research Strategy for Primary Industries (CCRSPI). It works towards more effective and efficient research to respond to the challenges and opportunities faced by the Australian primary industries in a changing climate.

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