Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) investment in agriculture

​​There are significant opportunities for agricultural businesses to reduce their operating costs through the use of CEFC finance to invest in energy efficient equipment and renewable energy upgrades.

The CEFC is an independent Australian Government agency working to increase commercial investment in energy efficiency, renewable energy and low emissions technologies. The CEFC directly invests in large projects and, for smaller projects, works with Australia’s major banks and other co-financiers to provide eligible farmers and agribusinesses with access to discounted and tailored finance arrangements.​​​

Further information about the CEFC’s work with agribusinesses is available at Transforming Australian agribusiness with clean energy technology. General information on CEFC opportunities is available at

The department is working closely with the CEFC to increase CEFC investment in Australia’s agriculture sector. If you have a question about current and potential agriculture projects, please email your enquiry to climate policy.