Proposal: Harmonisation of off-label use of agricultural chemicals


The Harmonised Agvet Chemicals Control of Use Task Group (HACCUT), formerly the Agvet Chemicals Task Group, released a draft proposal for consultation from 13 November 2017 to 28 February 2018. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources facilitated consultation on behalf of HACCUT.

HACCUT received 13 submissions, most expressing in-principle support for harmonising off-label use of agricultural chemicals.

We have provided all non-confidential submissions below. Please note these submissions will be available on our website for an eight week period until 15 July 2018.


DocumentPagesFile size
AgForce Queensland PDF 4309 KB
CropLife PDF 4353 KB
Grain Producers Australia PDF 9107 KB
Grain Traders Australia PDF 12703 KB
Grains Research and Development Corporation PDF 369 KB
Hort Innovation Australia PDF 10772 KB
National Farmers Federation PDF 3275 KB
New South Wales Farmers PDF 10457 KB
Victorian Farmers Federation PDF 8112 KB
Western Australian Farmers Federation PDF 4305 KB

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Next steps

HACCUT is considering the views expressed in the stakeholder submissions. A revised paper will be released for further public comment later in 2018. A final proposal will then be provided to the Agriculture Senior Officials Committee for endorsement.