Agricultural Industry Advisory Council - Terms of reference


The Agricultural Industry Advisory Council is to provide the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources with information, advice and recommendations from a cross-section of industries and stakeholders on contemporary issues affecting Australia's agricultural, fishi​ng, forestry and water sectors.


The council will limit the scope of its advice to those issues affecting Australia's agricultural, fishing, forestry and water sectors.


The council will provide advice on:

  • farm performance, productivity and future directions in trade policy
  • initiatives to foster investment, growth and sustainability of Australian agribusinesses
  • increasing agricultural efficiency and identifying barriers to efficiency improvements
  • regulatory reform, including targets for reform and reduction of regulatory burdens
  • export opportunities and challenges for Australian agribusinesses
  • infrastructure priorities for continued growth
  • strategic priorities and long-term planning for research and development investments
  • approaches to addressing the agricultural production and communication challenges arising from changing consumer and community values
  • other advice on agricultural, fisheries, forestry and water issues as directed by the minister.


The council is chaired by the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

In addition to the minister, there will be up to 11 members of the council.

Members will be appointed by the minister for their expertise and understanding of agricultural, fisheries, forestry and water issues and will be drawn from a broad range of representative industries.

The appointment term will be as determined by the minister. Members are eligible for reappointment.

The minister can terminate a council member's appointment at any time, including where there has been a breach of the terms of engagement.

A member can dissolve their membership at any time by written notice to the minister. The membership ends once the notice is ​received or as otherwise specified e.g. a date is referenced in the written notice.

Other industry or government officials may be invited to meetings as guest speakers or observers where appropriate.

Administrative support

Administrative support is provided by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. This includes secretariat support and meeting administration costs such as venues, accommodation, teleconference facilities and travel.

Financial expenditure

Operational costs for AIAC will be covered by the department. This includes secretariat support and meeting administration costs such as venues, accommodation, teleconference facilities, travel and catering.

Meeting arrangements

As a general rule, the council will aim to meet face-to-face up to two times a year and by teleconference when required.

At each meeting, the date and venue for the next meeting will be decided where possible.

The council member hosting the meeting will provide a short presentation on agricultural issues for their industry. Tours of agricultural venues can be considered as part of the meeting program and are subject to the chair's approval.

Management of agenda/agenda papers

A draft agenda for each meeting will be prepared by the secretariat four weeks before a meeting.

The final agenda and papers will be circulated to all council members two weeks prior to the meeting. If additional items are proposed for discussion after the agenda is finalised, this will be resolved by the chair.

Record of meetings

The secretariat will prepare a summary record of the meeting, including action items. The record will be circulated to members following the meeting. Discussions between the minister and his council are confidential. Minutes from AIAC meetings are not on the public record.


The AIAC terms of reference and membership will be reviewed every two years.​