Increase and Maintain Markets

​​Growing Australian agricultural markets ensures our farmers and exporters can increase their exports by accessing new markets and maintaining current market access. This is important in an increasingly complex global trading environment.

This Budget measure includes:

  • Extending five existing overseas agricultural counsellors and fund an additional six postings, totalling the numbers of counsellors to 22.
  • Funding to extend the Indonesia-Australia Red Meat and Cattle Partnership.
  • Funding to extend the Package Assisting Small Exporters grants program.

Why is this important?

While free trade agreements offer important benefits through reduced tariffs, we need on-the-ground expertise to negotiate technical market access. This will strengthen our relationships with key trading partners and work through trade barriers, giving farmers and exporters more options for their business.

Funding for the technical, scientific work to support market access requests provides assurance to importing countries about our food safety system and freedom from pests and diseases of our exported agricultural products.

Extending funding for the Indonesia-Australia Red Meat and Cattle Partnership is important as it funds mutually beneficial projects for our red meat and cattle sectors, such as industry engagement and awareness and exchange of technical expertise.​

Extending funding for the Package Assisting Small Exporters grants program will improve market access for small exporters.

Who will benefit?

Improving access to international markets provides more opportunities for our farmers and exporters to access premium markets. Improved market access will increase productivity and profitability of farms while overall strengthening rural and regional economies.

What will this cost?

Growing Australian Agricultural Exports - $51.3m
Indonesia–Australia Red Meat and Cattle Partnership – Extension - $2.9m
Package Assisting Small Exporters – Extension - $0.4m