Modern, Seamless Border Clearance

​Australia’s management of biosecurity risk is an increasingly complex and constantly evolving task. Trade volumes and passenger movements continue to increase and change. We need to find new ways to manage this growing challenge while facilitating the movement of people and goods through the border.

This measure is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of biosecurity operations both prior to, and at the border. By trialling and implementing emerging technologies we will enhance screening and detection capabilities across the traveller, mail and cargo pathways. This will increase our ability to detect biosecurity risk material and allow better targeting of higher risk items, individuals and entities. It will also reduce our interaction with low risk and compliant entities, allowing them a more seamless experience at the border.

Why is this important?

This measure will trial smarter ways to manage Australia’s biosecurity border operations.

This initiative capitalises on synergies with the Department of Home Affairs by enabling the department to develop and trial the specific algorithms needed to use next generation x-ray technology to automate the detection of biosecurity risk material.

This will ensure Australia’s border clearance system will be able to keep pace with increases in trade volumes and passenger movements, creating a more seamless passage through international ports.

Who will benefit?

In the medium to long term,​ international passengers and imported goods are expected to have a more seamless experience at the border. The automated system would reduce the interaction with compliant entities making their entry more efficient.

Each detection of a biosecurity risk item reduces the chance of pests and diseases being introduced to Australia, and directly benefits our unique environment and $63 billion agricultural industry.

What will this cost?

Modern, Seamless Border Clearance - $7.5m