Assurance, Verification and Enforcement

​An ever-changing biosecurity landscape is the biggest challenge facing our biosecurity system. As import volumes increase and pathways grow, the system is becoming more complex.

This Budget measure will invest in a robust assurance and verification program to improve our ability to analyse risk, verify biosecurity controls are effective both offshore and at the border, target intentional non-compliance with an enhanced enforcement capacity and enforce our strict export standards.

Why is this important?

Assurance and verification activities will help us better understand the biosecurity risk associated with each entity, commodity and pathway.

Having the capacity to better analyse, target and actively manage emerging biosecurity risks will provide greater confidence that our biosecurity system works.

A better enforcement capability including new warrant powers and civil penalties under the Biosecurity Act 2015 will ensure there is greater confidence in the integrity of our system.

By strengthening the integrity of our biosecurity system, Australia’s economy, environment and community will be better protected from some of the world’s worst pests​ and diseases.

Who will benefit?

Reducing biosecurity risks such as pests and diseases will benefit farmers, consumers, businesses, exporters, importers and the community. A strong and robust biosecurity system will increase productivity and profitability of farms while overall strengthening rural and regional economies.

This investment will enable us, for example, to conduct spot checks at local supermarkets across Australia to make sure biosecurity controls are effective, and undertake audits of facilities overseas to ensure that our trading partners have the systems and competence to meet our import requirements.

What will this cost?

Assurance, Verification and Enforcement - $27.8m