Agriculture and Food Sub-package— National Forestry Industry Plan

The new National Forestry Industry Plan will underpin growth in Australia’s renewable timber and wood-fibre industry.

Through the National Forestry Industry Plan, actions will be identified for the Australian Government that reduce barriers and help the forestry industry to continue to grow and provide jobs in rural and regional Australia. The Plan will be released in late 2018.

Funding is being provided to implement three elements of the Plan:

  • Making more timber available by encouraging use of existing resources, such as on privately and Indigenous owned land.
  • Adding more value in the domestic sector by researching new methods to use more tree and by-products.
  • Work on infrastructure in at least three regional forestry hubs to transport products to market​ and grow the forestry industry.

Why is this important?

With Australia’s population predicted to reach 35.8 million people by 2045, demand for forest products in Australia will grow significantly.

Investing in our forestry sector is vital if Australia is to meet this demand.

The National Forestry Industry Plan will help industry to maintain its competitiveness, continue to adapt and respond to pressures. It will also allow industry to seize opportunities arising from globalisation, transformative technologies and evolving market preferences.

This funding will support research and innovation, identification of infrastructure needs and potential forest resources in close proximity to processors and ports, along with support and guidance for land owners on how to manage and develop the resource.

Who will benefit?

The National Forestry Industry Plan will bring about significant benefits for forestry, forest products and wood-fibre industries across Australia as well as the value chains and regional communities that rely on these industries.

What will this cost?

Implementation of three elements of the National Forestry Industry Plan - $20m ​