Annual Report 2017–18

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources annual report 2017–18 highlights our significant achievements. The report provides information for our stakeholders and the wider community about the department’s operations and performance for this financial year and reviews our progress towards more sustainable, profitable and competitive Australian agriculture, food, fisheries and forestry industries. View the full Annual Report 2017-18.


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Part 1: Overview

Secretary's review

Our achievements in 2017–18 and priorities for 2018–19.
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Our portfolio

Our portfolio Ministers and agencies.
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Our department

Our purpose, role, outcomes, objectives, structure, senior executives and reporting arrangements.
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Part 2: Annual performance statements

Introduction​ to the annual performance statements

Our purpose for 2017–18.
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Building successful primary industries

Targeted assistance to help primary producers and improve farmgate returns for agriculture, fisheries, food and fibre industries.
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Expanding agriculture, fisheries and forestry exports

Certification of exports to meet importing country requirements and maximise returns to primary producers
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Sustaining water and other natural resources

Implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, managing water resources efficiently and supporting food and fibre production.
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Managing biosecurity and imported food risk

Coordination of emergency responses to exotic pest and disease incursions, evidence –based risk management to ensure safe movement into Australia.
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Building an efficient and capable department

Focusing on performance, delivering objectives, meeting statutory obligations and parliamentary requirements and building capability.
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Part 3: Management and accountability

Management and accountability

Our Governance committees, managing risk, integrity, Audit committee, compliance, disclosure of information and remuneration.
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External service providers

Procurement initiatives to support small and medium enterprises, indigenous procurement, other contract information, consultancies and advertising and market research.
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External scrutiny

Parliamentary committees reports, the Auditor-General, Commonwealth Ombudsman, Inspector-General of Biosecurity and Freedom of Information.
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Part 4: Appendices

Part 5: Financial statements

Financial statements

Our auditor’s report, overview, statements of income, financial position, changes in equity, cash flow and note​s to and forming part of the financial statements.
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Part 6: References

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