Statement of account explained

We are beginning a transition phase for statements of account, to enable you to make secure online payments.

Invoice numbers have been updated to enable secure online payment and for the next few months, statements of account will include both old and new invoice numbers.

In the first half of 2016, account numbers will be updated on your statements of account and you will eventually only have new invoice numbers appearing. As we complete the transition to online account payments you can continue to pay accounts via phone or mail, or you can pay individual invoices online.

  1. Account No – as we transition to new account numbers you will notice that your Statement of Account will continue to show your old account number in the interim. Your old account number is linked to your new account number and any invoices that are issued to either account will still show on your statement.
  2. Invoice Reference – as we enhance our invoices to provide more meaningful information you may receive invoices with either the old or new invoice number format. For the next few months, your statement of account will include both the old and new invoice number format for each individual invoice to allow you to reconcile invoices and payments.

Image of Statement of Account sample page 1

Image of Statement of Account sample page 2