National Management Group agrees to Revised Response Plan for Chestnut Blight (Cryphonectria parasitica) – 5 June 2017

The National Management Group (NMG) for chestnut blight met on 5 June 2017 to consider the revised national response plan to the incursion of chestnut blight in Victoria. The NMG comprises all Australian governments, affected industries and Plant Health Australia.

This follows a single detection of chestnut blight in July 2016 and has resulted in the Chestnut Blight Response Plan being amended to include an additional period of targeted surveillance, focusing on high risk areas.

Chestnut blight was first discovered in the Ovens Valley, Victoria in September 2010 and a national cost-shared response was agreed by NMG on 25 November 2010. Since March 2011, there have been only a few detections on isolated trees and in each case infected trees were destroyed quickly.

Technical experts across the country agree that, despite the recent notification there remains a high degree of confidence that chestnut blight can be eradicated. Provided that there are no new detections, eradication of chestnut blight from Victoria is expected to be declared in October 2018.

The Australian Government as well as all affected state and territory governments and industries are contributing to the cost of the response plan under the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed.

Any detections of chestnut blight still need to be reported to the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881. Further information about chestnut blight is available on Agriculture Victoria’s website.