Australian Water Markets Report

​​​​ 2014-15

2015-16 (Preliminary)

Report 2014-15​ 
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The Australian water markets report 2014–15 is the eighth an​nual statement of water trading activity across Australia.

The primary objective of the Australian water markets report series is to inform market participants, regulators, policy makers, researchers and other​ interested parties about Australia’s water market activity by documenting traded products, trading activity, prices and any relevant changes in governance arrangements.

A range of outputs from the 2014-15 edition report are available on this page including an interactive water market dashboard, an excel spreadsheet containing charts and tables from the report and a database detailing individual water trade transactions across Australia between 2007-08 and 2014-15.

The water markets dashboard and database ​have now been updated with preliminary 2015-16 data. The 2015-16 edition of the report is scheduled for release in early 2017. 

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Last reviewed:
04 Feb 2017