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For ABARES’ latest public releases, see our Latest Publications for reports and series publications. For the latest publically released data sets, see our Data. This search page provides access to research within our publications database, including historic and archived reports. If you are unable to find a specific report from the menu options on this page, please email the name of the publication, the area of research which is its focus, the names of the authors (if known), and the year of publication (if known) to​​

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The links below generate lists of publications with content which is part of that particular research topic area. These publications are historic and archived reports up to October 2018.

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Latest research and data

Latest publications
Read our new individual research reports and regular series releases from our publications centre.

Find the latest data sets, data set series, data visualisations, access agricultural industry databases, and software downloads from our data centre.

Online research tools

The Monitor
Explore climatic, production, biophysical and economic data sets from across Australia.

Agricultural Census visualisations
Select 2015-16 datasets, filter by industry, category or commodity, explore national and regional maps.

Climatch – species range prediction
Predict the potential range of a species by matching climate data from region to region.

Rainfall to Pasture Growth Outlook Tool
Access rainfall, soil moisture and pasture growth information.

Rainfall reliability calculator
Estimate rainfall reliability, rainfall means, and rainfall variability.

Visual data content

ABARES analysis and data in easy-to-read and use graphics

Data visualisations
Information ready to use on our Tableau Public page

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19 Mar 2019