​​​​​ Better data would help crack the drought insurance problem

While drought policy raises many complex emotional, political and policy issues, it can be helpful to think of it as an insurance problem: how can we best help farmers manage climate risk? Released 5 November 2018

Author: Neal Hughes

​​​​ Analysis of 2018 Drought

This brief describes the effects of the current drought on Australian agriculture, including the extent of rainfall deficiencies and the effects on crop production, livestock markets and farm incomes. Released 26 October 2018 Released: 26 October 2018

Authors: Steve Hatfield-Dodds, Neal Hughes, Andrew Cameron, Matthew Miller, Tom Jackson

Helping farmers in distress doesn’t help them be the best: the drought relief dilemma

We need to make sure well-meaning policy responses to drought don't do more harm than good. Now many farmers – particularly in New South Wales and southern Queensland – are in the grip of drought. Released: 23 October 2018

Authors: Neal Hughes, Steve Hatfield-Dodds

First ABARES Insight – Snapshot of Australian Agriculture now available

We cover six key aspects of Australian agriculture: its role in the broader economy, trends in production, industry structure, exports, productivity and risk management. Released: 19 October 2018

Authors: Tom Jackson, Kirk Zammit, Steve Hatfield-Dodds

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05 Nov 2018