Acting Executive Director, Peter Gooday

Trish Gleeson, Acting Assistant Secretary
Agricultural Commodities and Trade branch

  • Agricultural trade
  • Agricultural commodities
  • Climate impact sciences
  • Regional Outlook programmes and stakeholder engagement.

Bertie Hennecke, Acting Assistant Secretary
Fisheries, Forestry and Quantitative Sciences branch

  • Domestic fisheries and marine environment
  • International fisheries and data
  • Fisheries economics
  • Forestry economics
  • Forest sciences
  • Quantitative sciences
  • Land use and management.

David Galeano, Acting Assistant Secretary
Farm Analysis and Biosecurity branch

  • Productivity
  • Invasive species and social sciences
  • Climate and water
  • Farm surveys and analysis

Alistair Davidson, Acting Assistant Secretary
Strategic Policy and Biosecurity branch

  • Regulatory reform unit
  • Biosecurity economics
  • Executive support and events

Julie Gaglia, Assistant Secretary
Public Data Taskforce

  • Agricultural Intelligence Transformation Project
  • Public Data Taskforce

Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences

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Last reviewed:
04 Feb 2017